High Power 140W 200W 300W 400W 800W Underwater LED Green Fishing Light

High Power 140W 200W 300W 400W 800W Underwater LED Green Fishing Light

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Product Description

High Power 140W 200W 300W 400W 800W Underwater LED Green Fishing Light

12V 140W 200W 300W 400W LED Dive Light 10000 Lumen Submersible Fishing Lights For Crappie

LED Fishing lights Feature:

1. Superior Penetrative Ability: With built-in weighted lead, these underwater fishing lights are submersible to 5m depth to attract marine life at night.

2. Quality LED light source: 12 Volt or 24 Volt, 4 Sided LED Fishing Light, 360 degree

3. Easy to use: Just clamp your green led fish light alligator clips onto your preferred battery and start catching bait and game fish.













LED Underwater Fishing Light Packing:


Warm Tips:


1. The lamp only for Underwater Using.

    Please keep the lamp in water 3 minutes after power off. So that the heat dissipated.


2. Do not pull the wire, the wire cannot bear the weight, please tie a rope on the hook to lift the lamp.


3. Price is not including export and import custom or tax. You have to pay for them when local delivery agent contacts you.



Comlite LED Fishing Light Series:


Cautions of LED Fishing Light:

1. Kindly please put the light into water when using!

2. Kindly please place the fishing light in the water three minutes after long time use to prevent excessive temperature to burst!

3. Kindly use a rope to lift the lamp due to the led cord can’t load the weight of the light.

About us:

We mainly produce waterproof LED lights, such as underwater LED fishing Lights, IP68 LED pool lights for decorative lighting, IP67 LED inground lights for park outdoor lighting, IP65 LED garden spotlights working outdoor, IP65 LED step lights and wall lights, hotspring spa underwater LED lights and so on. The products are widely used as different kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative or illuminate lighting, fishing and diving work.


Products have been already widely used in worldwide and get high reputation from markets. First grade products and professional service are what we constantly pursue for.


We look forward to being of service to you...


Comlite LED Limited---Manufacturer of the LED Underwater fishing lights

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